Back to Uganda

Abortion is illegal in Uganda. But the law doesn’t stop women from having abortions. It never has, and it never will. It does stop them from seeking help for the physical and emotional scars.

When I went to Uganda in December, I thought I would only go this one time. But after just 2 days of ministry, I knew that I had to go back to continue teaching the bible and encouraging the Ugandan children and young adults.

If you’ve seen the movie “Queen of Katwe,” then you have a sense of the poverty there. If you haven’t, then read on and look closely at the pictures below.

We ministered in Katwe. We walked the streets, over the ditches of sewage, past the goats and chickens, and into the little one-room homes that housed families of as many as 10.

We prayed with families. We encouraged them.

For example, there was one young woman who was going to college and hoping to get a job with an airline. I told her that my husband has been in the airline industry his whole life and that she may get flying benefits for her parents so that they can fly standby for free. Her mom looked surprised that she would get out of Katwe to see other parts of Africa or the world.

Hope. We did our best to help them feel hope.

Not crying that day was the hardest thing I ever had to do. My smiles in those pictures were forced in order to provide encouragement.

But in my heart, I was crying that those mothers had to send their children off to boarding school in order to provide a better life for them.

I was crying that 7-year-olds were carrying 1-year-olds on their backs and caring for them because the parents were off working.

I was crying that 5-year-old boys were playing with old bike tires and empty plastic bottles because those were the only “toys” that they had.

I was crying because no one was watching the baby who was crawling toward the ditch full of sewage. (See picture above.)

What’s going to change Uganda? This generation of children.

How are they going to change Uganda? By having the heart of Christ.

How will they know how to have the heart of Christ? By people teaching them all that Jesus commanded. Jesus said:

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you.”
Matt 28:19-20a

I believe that Uganda is going to look very different in 20 years, and I want to see the transformation for myself.

Little did I know that not only would I go back to Uganda, but that I’d go back within 6 months. I’ll be in country June 23-26! This time not with my church but with a new ministry called A Mother’s Cry, which is all about stopping abortion one woman at a time.

Abortion is illegal in Uganda. But the law doesn’t stop women from having abortions. It never has, and it never will. It does stop them from seeking help for the physical and emotional scars.

Julie Mad-Bondo, the founder of A Mother’s Cry, asked me to go with her and her friend Rhonda to speak to teens on Friday and to women on Saturday. Officially, my topic is purity, but I’ll be touching on abortion, too. Rhonda will talk about abortion. Julie will talk about marriage.

The Lord has made it abundantly clear to me that I am to talk boldly about abortion and purity. They go hand-in-hand. We cannot talk about stopping abortion without talking about the benefits of purity. The Great Commission does say to teach them to do all that Jesus commanded (Matt 28:20a).

I am not writing to ask for money. I am using our flight benefits to fly standby, which is a little unnerving because there’s never a guarantee that I’ll get a seat on the airplanes, but it is significantly cheaper than buying a ticket. Russ and I have put money toward the trip and relatives are chipping in, too.

What I would like is for you to join me in prayer. I have the following prayer requests:

  • That Jesus, who is The Word, would be the words that I speak; that I would get out of the way of what God wants to accomplish
  • That our audience’s ears and eyes would be open to what God wants them to hear, learn, and do
  • That our travels would be safe
  • That our travels would not be delayed in any way (especially for my status as a standby passenger)
  • That we would remain healthy throughout the trip
  • That our families would be healthy and safe while we are away

Please also pray for Mama Evah, who organized these events and runs Destiny Village school and orphanage; Pastor Fred, the lead pastor at Saints Gate Church; and others who will continue to shepherd the teens and women long after we have returned home.

Author: Cheryl Krichbaum

Cheryl, speaker & award-winning author, has a burning desire to change the abortion conversation. Losing billions of children to abortion is a tragedy but so is losing the God-given destinies of women and men who choose abortion.

3 thoughts on “Back to Uganda”

  1. I love your mission, Cheryl! You WILL make a difference even if it’s just a little bit at a time! Prayers being sent. Keep the faith and be blessed. Love you,


    1. Love your writing. I will be praying for you for boldness and wisdom those days!!! (and for the fam here).


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