Share with Love

Dear Christian Sisters,

As I’m sure you’ve already seen on social media, it’s Sanctity of Life Month.

This month, we remind those in the United States that we oppose Roe v Wade, which was decided 46 years ago on January 22, 1973.

This month more than others, you’ll see many pro-life posts all over social media. I just wanted to remind you to share them with love.

Remember that there are millions of post-abortive women in the United States and in the church. Let us win them into the family of Christ where they can be healed with Christ’s love.

Remember there are millions of abortion-minded women who can sympathize with women in crisis.  Let us win them with the truth of God’s love— because God loves them so much that He doesn’t want them to experience the emotional and spiritual pain of abortion.

Let’s take extra care to share posts that show our love and care for women who are scared—scared about their finances, scared about being judged, scared about losing career opportunities, scared about what their parents or boyfriends will say.

I’ll be sharing posts throughout this month. You can follow me on:cheryl-socialmedia

In Christ,


Author: Cheryl Krichbaum

Cheryl, speaker & award-winning author, has a burning desire to change the abortion conversation. Losing billions of children to abortion is a tragedy but so is losing the God-given destinies of women and men who choose abortion.

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