Fathers: Day 12 of 40 Days of Prayer

Dear Christian Sisters and Brothers,

Fathers of unwanted babies are in a precarious position. They are told by society that they have no voice and no choice in the life and death of their children.

Yet fathers are the number one influence on a woman’s “choice.” They are told that they have no voice, yet they have the loudest voice.

Let us pray with Heidi for the fathers.

Lord God Almighty,

Today I’m moved by the deeply loving and stable example you are of fatherhood. Many of us do not have earthly examples of good fathering and we sometimes struggle to grasp the gentle goodness of Your authority and care.

Again and again, You call us to repentance and cover us with Your forgiveness; again and again You lead with strength; again and again You bless, answer prayers, and delight in us. You want nothing more than a close relationship with us and You sacrificed everything to secure it.

In this abortion culture, the fathers are [often left] out of the discussion. [Many] are the silent party, the unnoticed victims of a system that abhors responsibility and cares only for rights.

It is, sadly, because most of them are happy to walk away and leave their responsibility in the hands of the mother–or, thanks to the current rhetoric, believe that’s what they’re supposed to do.

But they are fathers, still, Lord God, and the deaths of their babies have repercussions. There are fathers out there who would have fought to keep their unborn child if they’d had a voice. There are fathers who still grieve and lament.

Lord, rescue the fathers, I pray. Help them to see the peaceful contentment they can have by assuming the place you’ve created for them.

Help them to be strong and righteous and lead as You do. Help them to stand up in love and protect their children as well as their women, delighting in their relationships. Give them forgiveness and peace where it’s needed. And give them a voice, Lord Jesus, give them a voice.

Above all, Heavenly Father, we ask You to use current events to swell the tide of the pro-life sentiment. Give us a strong, clear voice to proclaim the truth in love and to protect the innocent.

Work in the hearts and minds of every American and once and for all, Gracious Father, end the era of legalized abortion in the United States. The babies need You, the fathers need You, we all need You.

We pray expectantly in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord,

Abba Father, I plead with You to move strong Christian men to mentor and influence men in this country to be the responsible, loving men You created them to be in Your image.

Give Christian men the strength to get out of their comfort zone and be a force for life through mentoring all these fatherless men we have in this country.

In Christ,


Author: Cheryl Krichbaum

Cheryl, speaker & award-winning author, has a burning desire to change the abortion conversation. Losing billions of children to abortion is a tragedy but so is losing the God-given destinies of women and men who choose abortion.

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