40 Days of Prayer Day 15

Dear Christian Sisters and Brothers,

Let us continue to pray with Heidi.

Gracious Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your grace. It’s a simple thing to say yet the cost of it was anything but simple. Thank you for the soul abiding peace we know in Jesus.

Following You is hard sometimes; love always requires sacrifice and sometimes the sacrifices are deep and painful. But the beautiful truth is that we can then identify with you in Your sacrifice.

We see new shades of You, we realize that You’re closer to us than we ever knew before and that You love us more completely than we realized.

I attended a stirring, life affirming rally for the unborn. Over a thousand concerned people stood on the steps of the Virginia Capitol Building in Richmond. While there were times of passionate shouting, there was always the overtone of love and many reminders to the crowd to use the passion to vote and inform but to always respond to this issue in love. There is SO MUCH PAIN.

Yes, the abortion industry exists to make money and to push a liberal agenda, but I wonder if much of the fuel that drives the average pro-abortion marcher (besides misinformation) is buried pain of personal experience with abortion. The furious power of denial and the desperation to justify oneself is real.

I once read that 90% of post abortion women experience some form of mental trauma, including depression. That’s an astronomical number.

But again, Lord, Your grace. While our adversary, the Devil, prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour–and often wears pro-choice clothing–YOU, hold out grace, healing, forgiveness, and LIFE to any who seek it.

You are making all things new. And so, Lord, as we passionately seek to make an impact and to save the babies, let us remember that we reach out with YOUR hands. We don’t want to look anything like that roaring lion, the Great Accuser.

For the children who die in great numbers each day, for the families ripped apart, for our unity as a Nation Under God, Mighty Lord Jesus, we humble ourselves before You and beseech You to hear our prayers and end the era of legalized abortion in the United States. And soon.

In the wondrous name of Jesus we pray,

In Christ,


Author: Cheryl Krichbaum

Cheryl, speaker & award-winning author, has a burning desire to change the abortion conversation. Losing billions of children to abortion is a tragedy but so is losing the God-given destinies of women and men who choose abortion.

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