Teaching throughout Sanctity of Life Month

Dear Christian Sisters and Brothers,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

January is quickly approaching! And it is Sanctity of life month, a great opportunity to teach Christians and the people in our communities the value of life.

Not just the value of pre-born babies, for we all know that they were fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator God, but also the value of the women who choose abortion and the men who influence them.

Join me tonight on Facebook Live at 8:30 PM eastern time for my teaching on the spiritual effects of abortion.

On Monday, December 30, I’ll answer the question: Why Not Politics?

Then beginning Friday, January 3, I will lead 40 days of worship to end abortion. We will worship and pray to God, asking that abortion will become unthinkable, not just illegal in the United States.

Only one day in the 40 days is written specifically for the United States. Other than that one day, the 40 days apply to the whole world.

I pray you’ll join me in becoming humble Christians who cry out to the Lord for a change in the hearts of the abortion minded throughout the world.

In Christ,


Author: Cheryl Krichbaum

Cheryl, author & speaker, helps you reach the abortion-minded for Christ and for life so that abortion within The Church is reduced from 36% to 0%. Her first book in the Faces of Abortion Series, the award-winning ReTested, and her prayer guide, Worship to End Abortion are both available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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