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Dear Christian Sisters & Brothers,

I am Cheryl Krichbaum, a post-abortive woman who once advocated for abortion until I accepted responsibility for what I did. Now I’m pro-life.

Once I experienced initial healing from my abortion, I referred to my previously un-healed self as the walking dead and that was long before there was a TV show by that name!

I avoided getting into the pro-life movement because I felt like I got the Christian cold shoulder when I shared my testimony.

Then God called me, so I learned to be brave. You can read about my journey from death to life in ReTested, my award-winning memoir.

Today, I know that I am called to change the abortion conversation. The pro-life movement has long advocated for pre-born babies and just recently began recognizing that abortion hurts women, too, but the pro-choice movement hasn’t recognized our loving response to women.

God has given me unique training in audience analysis through my bachelor’s and unfinished master’s degrees in Scientific & Technical Communication, in working as a designer and project manager of web-based training, as well as experiential training in being a former femi-nazi. I understand the pro-choice movement because I used to think like them!

Through my writing and speaking, I equip Christians to compassionately share the truth in agape love about the sanctity of life and the sanctity of sex.

First, we start with fellow Christians. Why? Because 36% of abortions are by women who go to church at least once per month (“Abortion and the Church” by Care Net), and we have no statistics on the men who got them pregnant.

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I firmly believe that the pro-life movement is a Great Commission opportunity:

  • Make disciples, not just believers, of all ethnic groups (Matt 28:19)
  • Teach them all Christ commanded (Matt 28:20).

I’m here to help you gain knowledge, understanding, and wisdom for reaching the abortion-minded before and after they choose abortion.

My Story Exchanged for His Story

ReTested3DYou may read my story in the following blog posts: Faces of Abortion and Forgiveness and Peace that Passes All Understanding, or in my book ReTested. You can also watch my testimony on Facebook.

Changing the Conversation

I believe that we need to change the focus from babies who have no voice to women who are in charge of their own bodies. The pro-choice movement is all about the women, so we need to address their issues head on (know thy audience!). That’s what a true Aristotelian rhetorician would do. That’s what the Apostle Paul, a classical rhetorician, would do. That’s what we need to do, too.

We need to:

  • talk about the sanctity of life and the sanctity of sex more in church and in every day conversation with our friends and family than in politics. Why? Because abortion is illegal in most countries throughout the world, yet the abortion rate in those countries is still very high. Yes, we need to de-fund Planned Parenthood. Yes, we need to reverse Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton. But we also need to understand that changing the law won’t change hearts.
  • teach men, women, and children to be obedient to God’s rules about sex. (Check out The Missing Sex Ed Lessons.) Just think about how many fewer abortions would be “needed” if there were fewer crisis pregnancies—conservatively 85%!
  • repent over our own sexual sins and our own silence about abortion and sexual immorality. (Check out Worship to End Abortion.)
  • encourage pro-life men to teach men to advocate for life because the father of the baby is the most influential over a woman’s choice, and doctors are the second-most influential—both more influential than the pregnant woman’s mother or friends or than crisis resource centers (“Abortion and the Church” by Care Net).
  • help men and women to heal from abortion so that they do not abort again and to heal from sexual immorality so that they have sex only within marriage. Healed people don’t shout their abortions.

In Christ,


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