Join me for this Christmas Bible study as we learn more about just how brave Mary was and the role her mentor Elizabeth played in her life.

An Introduction to Luke

‪Luke 1:1-4
Let’s get started reading the Christmas story together from Mary’s perspective in my #bravelikeMary series. Today’s post is an introduction to Luke, the reporter of Mary’s story and includes trivia about Paul’s “thorn.”
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Elizabeth’s Barrenness—Her Perspective vs God’s Perspective

Luke 1:5-7
We all have our stories. We tell our stories from our own perspectives. We can look at every story in the Bible from the perspective of those who were there and from the perspective of God.
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Doubting Zacharias

Luke 1:8-18
Zacharias asked big. God answered bigger. What did Zacharias do? He doubted. Are you a doubting Zacharias?
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Take Heart in God’s Plan

Luke 1:19-20
God had a plan, and He wasn’t going to let Zacharias’ unbelief stop His plan.
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Zacharias’ Inconvenience Brought God Glory!

Luke 1:21-23
No cell phone, no texting, and no computer for Zacharias for 9 months!
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Take Heart—God Has a Plan

Luke 1:24-25
I find it sad that we think of not being able to have children as a disgrace.
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God Can Use Anyone’s Story for His Glory

Luke 1:26-27, Isaiah 7:14
It doesn’t matter what your family history is. God use Gentiles with questionable sexual morals to further His plan. He can use anyone’s story for His glory.
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The Lord Wants to Talk with Us

Luke 1:28-34
God wants us to ask questions—because He loves us.
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Would You Have Been #BraveLikeMary?

Luke 1:35-38
If you were Mary—a teenage virgin—would you have said yes to God’s plan? What would your parents say? What would your fiancé say? What would society say?
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Being a Bondslave of God the Father Almighty

Luke 1:38
Mary said that she was a bondslave of God and therefore would do whatever God wanted. But what does it mean to be a bondslave? How is a bondslave different than American slavery?
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What about Mary’s Parents?

Luke 1:39-40
When Mary tells her story to Luke, she doesn’t mention her parents. Matthew doesn’t mention her parents, either—nor Joseph’s, for that matter. We know Mary’s parents missed out on at least the first two years of Jesus’ life. How would you have reacted?
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Elizabeth Confirms God’s Promise

Matthew 1:18; Luke 1:39-55
The angel told Mary about Elizabeth’s miracle, so Mary reasons that Elizabeth would understand her situation.
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Elizabeth Mentors Mary

Luke 1:56
So, what do you think Elizabeth and Mary talked about for 3 months?
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John the Baptist is Just 6 Months Older Than Jesus

Luke 1:56-80
John the Baptist and Jesus were relatives who were close in age. Just how well did they know each other?
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Brave Like Joseph

Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 2:1-5
Joseph understood, as Mary did, how people would react to Mary’s pregnancy.
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Mary Pondered These Things

Luke 2:6-20 with a note about Matthew 2:7, 16
All the Jews expected a political savior. Yet instead of Jewish Priests and Hollywood stars coming by to congratulate Mary, homeless people show up.
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