Bible Versions & Bible Study

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Bible Version

You will find the following versions of the Bible quoted in my blog:

  • NASB: New American Standard Bible
  • NKJV: New King James Version
  • ESV: English Standard Version
  • NIV84: The 1984 version of NIV, which is not found online
  • AMP: Amplified

Since most of us do not speak Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, we have to rely on translations. No translation is perfect, but NASB, NKJV, ESV, and NIV84 provide English translations that are closer to the original text.

Occasionally, I’ll use AMP so that we get more of the meanings behind specific words. If I were to do that every time, you’d be annoyed by the length and the parenthetical words that interrupt the flow of your reading.

Why don’t I use the current NIV? The more recent translations of NIV are not as accurate as the 1984 version. Yes, the language seems more inclusive because the translators pluralized from “he” to “they” or from “brothers” to “brothers and sisters.” However, sometimes they use inclusive language when it’s important to know that the Bible really does mean “he” not “they.”

Because NIV84 is not online, I use my own printed version. I purchased this Bible with a monetary gift from my grandma within a year of choosing a personal relationship with Christ.

Online Bible

Because I expect you to be a Berean Christian (Acts 17:11-12), I provide links to the Bible so that you can read the verses yourself. My favorite online bibles are:

Bible Gateway is great because you can put translations side-to-side. I do this when NASB and NKJV are difficult to read. I’ll grab another translation, like ERV (Easy to Read Version), and put it next to NASB for comparison.

Blue Letter Bible is great because you can look up the meanings of words. For example, your pastor may have taught you that there are different Greek words translated into the word “love” as you find in the telling of Jesus asking Peter if he loves Him (John 21:15-17). To see the different meanings for “love,” search for the chapter using NASB and then click the “Strong’s” checkbox. You will see clickable notations that provide more details on each meaning of “love.”

I have the Bible App on every family members’ device, which include Apple, Android, and Kindle. You can get a Verse of the Day, devotionals, and multiple versions of the Bible. You can highlight or copy a verse. You can even turn a verse into a graphic and share it on social media.

Got Questions?

If you have questions for which you want biblical answers, type in your question or keyword on the Got Questions? website. They will answer your question and give you bible citations for their answer.

Christian Bible Study

With anyone who teaches the Bible, including me, you should read the text yourself to be sure that what the teacher says matches the text. That is, be a Berean Christian (Acts 17:11-12). With that said, my three favorite Bible teachers are:

  • Bill Creasy
  • Lon Solomon
  • Katharine Wang

Bill Creasy is a former literature and bible professor at UCLA. He now has a teaching ministry called Logos Bible Study. He teaches book-by-book from a literature and geography perspective. I listen to his teachings using Audible while driving in the car or while walking the dog.

Lon Solomon was the Senior Teaching Pastor at McLean Bible Church. For the most part, he taught book-by-book. The first half of his sermons are the teaching part. Then he pauses and says, “So what?” which is followed by his preaching. You can find all his recent teachings online on the church’s website. David Platt is the new Senior Teaching Pastor. You’ll find his recent sermons on the same church website.

Katharine Wang not only teaches the Bible but teaches its geography, too. Master the Bible Ministries‘ bible studies includes timelines set to music, recommended memory verses, and more. Choose the study for adults or for children.

I highly recommend reading and studying the Bible book-by-book, verse-by-verse because it’ll increase your understanding immeasurably as it has mine.

I also recommend learning to study the Bible using the inductive bible study method. I learned from Precept Ministries, and I study using their Inductive Study Bible. [No, these are not affiliate links. I receive no remuneration for recommending these links.]