Series: Abortion & __________

  1. Abortion & the Great Commission
    Dear Christian Sisters, I think we are trying to advance the pro-life movement the wrong way.
  2. Abortion & the Church
    Dear Christian Sisters, I have often wondered if our church is welcoming to women who have unwanted pregnancies.
  3. Abortion & Our Words
    Dear Christian Sisters, I wonder how often our words unintentionally tell young women to abort.
  4. Abortion & Politics
    Dear Christian Sisters, the statistics don’t support our votes, so perhaps our attention should not be on politics but on women who are in difficult situations.
  5. Abortion & the Bible
    Dear Pro-Choice Christian Sisters, you may have heard it said that the Bible says nothing about abortion, but I say that the Bible has a lot to say about valuing the pre-born.
  6. Abortion & Revival
    Dear Christian Sisters, we cannot go before the throne of God and plead with Him to save unwanted babies if we have not repented for our premarital or extramarital sex ourselves.