People, Not Politics: Introduction to ReTested Book

Dear Christian Sisters,

This morning I promised to send you the introduction to my first book, ReTested: The Story of a Post-Abortive Woman Called to Change the Conversation.ReTested book cover

The book is due out Friday, April 12th, so put that date on your calendar and RSVP for the online event.

When I sat down to write the Introduction, I actually wrote more than what I published. But God made it clear that the second half were my words rather than the words that He gave me. So, I ended the introduction before I got on my pedestal. Here it is:

Introduction to ReTested

It breaks my heart that my pro-life stance automatically associates me with the Republican party.

Simultaneously, it breaks my heart that politicians in the Democratic party vote pro-choice or get bullied out of their elected positions. Why should I contact my legislator if he or she has already decided to vote pro-choice no matter what his or her constituents say? Our political system is supposed to represent its people, not money-making companies like abortion clinics and pharmaceutical companies.

Ever since we’ve seen the pre-born on ultrasound machines in the 1970s, we have known scientifically that they are alive. Science shows that they are alive. Our laws acknowledge the value of pre-born eagles and pre-born sea turtles but not the value of pre-born humans. Our thinking is backwards. Our political system is broken.

But even when we overturn Roe v Wade and every other pro-choice law in each of the states, abortion will continue. It’ll go underground. We’ll have a new illegal drug trade. There are countries all over the world where abortion is illegal yet abortion continues. Don’t expect the United States to be any different.

If we want to end abortion, we must change hearts. This starts with The Church. We have a lot to repent for (2 Chronicles 7:14a). We have a lot of disciples to make (Matthew 28:19). We have a lot of teaching to do (Matthew 28:20). All three are necessary if we expect God to hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14b).

“and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14 NASB)

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20 ESV)

In Christ,


Part 4: Abortion & Politics

Dear Christian Sisters,

I’m tired of politics.Republicans for Choice & Democrats for Life--Seriously? Abortion & Politics at
I’m tired of politicians.
I’m tired of politicians talking about abortion.

If we were to follow news reports, we’d think that all Republicans are pro-life and all Democrats are pro-choice. But there are groups called Republicans for Choice and Democrats for Life.

We think that having a Republican President is a win for the pro-life movement, but consider this: The CDC’s statistics show that the USA had—

  • more abortions per year 2004-2008
    (avg of 715,000/year; Republican President)
    than 2009-2013
    (avg of 632,000/year; Democratic President), and
  • the abortion rate went up 2004-2008
    (from 714,000 to 718,000/year; Republican President)
    but consistently went down 2009-2013
    (686,000 to 570,000/year; Democratic President).

Let that sink in.

Many Christians want to reverse Roe v Wade, thinking that abortion would end.

It won’t.

In Uganda, for example, abortion is against the law yet women still have abortions, particularly poor women.

Perhaps our attention should not be on politics but on women who are in difficult situations.

Instead of focusing on politics, let’s turn our focus to “teaching them the way they should go” (Deut 6:7) and “teaching them all that I commanded you” (Matt 28:20).

Vote and then let’s go with our churches to volunteer among the poor in our cities and counties because those are the young women who are most likely to abort.

Instead of posting polarizing political articles on social media, let’s get involved in teen or young adult ministries at our churches—or at FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).

Instead of getting upset at Planned parenthood, let’s volunteer at or donate to Christian pregnancy centers near us and encourage our churches to partner with them.

Instead of getting mad about women aborting 67% of Down Syndrome children (see CBS News report), let’s start special needs ministries at our own churches.

Instead of complaining about the pro-choice movement to our Christian friends, let’s start making our churches welcoming to hurting women, perhaps by starting chapters of A Mother’s Cry.

What other ideas do you have for making a difference in the abortion rate?

With the love of Christ,


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